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January 30, 2010

.miss virginia, caressa cameron, miss america 2010!

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22 year old caressa cameron was crowned miss america tonight! her dress was beautiful, her talent was great (she sang beyonce’s “listen” from dreamgirls), the answer to her question (teen obesity is on the rise. how would you stop it?) was well spoken and she’s a sista. go girl!

the announcement of miss america 2010

performing beyonce's "listen"


.singer etta james battling alzheimers and infection.

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for those that don’t know this woman, this is the singer that beyonce knowles portrayed in the movie cadillac records and made her 1961 hit “at last” known to this generation.

it was etta james’ illness that led her to the controversial comments at a concert a year ago where she suggested beyonce should be whipped for singing “at last” for president obama’s inaugural ball, said her son, donto james.

“i can’t stand beyonce,” she told a seattle, washington, audience. “she has no business up there, singing up there on a big old president day, gonna be singing my song that i’ve been singing forever.”

apparently, she was upset about the inaugural because she was supposed to be hired, but she wasn’t well.”

aww, poor etta.

source: www.cnn.com

.mariah carey ft. nicki minaj: up out my face.

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this song has always been one of my favs on memoirs of an imperfect angel. the first time i heard the song on the radio, it hurt my soul that nicki minaj was added to the track (i am so not a fan). but, i was pleasantly surprised by the hook and i love the video! now mariah, let’s see a video for candy bling!

.beyonce ft. lady gaga: video phone.

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beyonce has never ceased to amaze me, until this morning, when i ran across the video for her song video phone. the first time i heard this song, i wondered what kind of video beyonce would conjure up for it. apparently i’m late, because it has been on youtube since november. what do y’all think about it?

January 29, 2010

.happy 56th birthday oprah.

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that's a baaaaad cake!

.beyonce’s commercial for her new fragrance: heat.

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beyonce has come out with her first fragrance, called heat. this commercial may need to be rated r.

.first toyota, now honda. 646,000 vehicles recalled.

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Honda announced a recall for 646,000 2007 and 2008 Fit, City and Jazz models worldwide, after a fire hazard involving a power window switch resulted in a death in South Africa.

In an e-mailed statement, Honda said extreme amounts of liquid, such as rain or melted snow, can flood the master power window switch on the driver’s side, causing the vehicle to overheat.

The recall affects 141,000 Fit models in the United States, where the malfunctioning switch caused seven vehicles to overheat and two to catch fire. Honda said there were no reports of injuries in the United States.

The Fit is sold as the City and Jazz in international markets.

Honda said it will notify customers by mail with instructions on how to have their vehicles inspected and updated at an authorized Honda dealer.

The automaker said that current 2009 and 2010 models are not affected by the recall.  

.raven symone: that’s what little girls are made of.

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this used to be my jam! it’s from her 1993 album here’s to new dreams. it isn’t the entire video. booo…

.voices: yeah, yeah, yeah. 1991.

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oh my god! my mom bought me this tape for christmas when i was in sixth grade. i kept this song on repeat! do you recognize two of the group’s members? (hint: they’re famous twins).

.kelis, come on….

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Singer, Kelis rocked these pink plastic painted on pants, Alexander McQueen stilettos, feather lashes, bull ring with connecting earrings, and a “lion tail” to the First Data Awards in Hollywood last night. All topped off with a cropped blazer and her new fave headpiece.

source: theybf.com

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