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January 21, 2010

.helpful hints by heloise.

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after one year of living in arkansas, i decided to purchase the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. on the page with the comics, there’s a column called helpful hints. it’s by a lady named Heloise and they are supposed to be handy suggestions that can save you some money, solve a disaster or help you prevent one. she also allows readers to send in their own helpful hint and has them printed in the newspaper. this one had me totally confused:

Dear Heloise:
I keep a toothbrush holder on my telephone stand and put pens and pencils in it. It’s handy for writing messages.

hey, reader:
why don’t you have a pen/pencil holder, with the post-it notes attached, to sit on your telephone stand to take messages? that’s what it’s for. toothbrush holders are for holding toothbrushes. this is not a helpful hint.

hey, heloise:
are you in charge of choosing which hints get printed? ask a buddy for a second opinion next time.

you can see more helpful hints at: http://www.heloise.com


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  1. I think you should replace Heloise 🙂 That was so extra.

    Comment by Currently Dating Michael Ealy — January 22, 2010 @ 6:50 pm | Reply

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