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January 27, 2010

.random thoughts.

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  • so, according to people magazine, brad and angelina are still together. they’re a reputable magazine, so i’ll believe them.
  • ex-senator john edwards is quoted as being saddened over the separation with his wife, elizabeth. whatever john. you weren’t sad when you were getting it on with your side chick/baby mama.
  • toyota has recalled the following vehicles for faulty gas pedals: Camry, model years since 2007; 2009-2010 model year RAV4, Corolla and Matrix; the 2008-2010 model year Sequoia; the 2007-2010 model year Tundra; the 2005-2010 model year Avalon and the 2010 model year Highlander. they are also halting production of those vehicles on 1 february. A private firm said it had identified 275 crashes and 18 deaths because of sudden, uncontrollable acceleration in Toyotas since 1999. dear toyota, you’re finished.
  • gary coleman, who was arrested for failure to appear on a domestic violence charge, was bailed out by a fan named jarrod clarke. he said he felt bad for coleman and the mug shot was so sad, that paying the $1700 dollars was the least he could do.  that’s a true fan.
  • why is diamond blue (of the group pretty ricky) being the alleged baby daddy of tisha campbell’s sister, tiara, news? who are you? get off my computer screen. 


  1. OMG @ Brangelina!
    Whateva John-you screwed up, I hope wifey gets whatever she can! Sorry Sucka-they come in all shapes and sizes.
    UH-oh Toyota!
    True fan, IDK- there’s a method to everyone’s madness
    Diamond Blue who? what? LOl…

    Comment by Ms. Joyner — January 27, 2010 @ 8:49 pm | Reply

  2. what do you think that fan is up to? and you don’t know diamond blue either? girl, you should see his pic. LAME.

    Comment by capricious_me — January 29, 2010 @ 11:48 am | Reply

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