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February 17, 2010

.matthew knowles ordered to pay child support.

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matthew knowles (beyonce’s daddy) has been ordered to pay child support to his mistress that gave birth on February 4th. I, along with a whole lot of people, am trying to figure out how you are ORDERED to pay child support when there is no proof they were ever together? the dna test isn’t until march 1st! Alexsandra, i hope you aren’t lying. if that test comes out negative those 20 G’s are getting drafted right back out of the account!

according to sources:

“An L.A. judge just ordered Knowles to pay $8,200 a month in child support, retroactive to February 1. Knowles must also pay 100% of uninsured medical costs. Alexsandra Wright claims she had an 18-month relationship with Knowles and he’s the baby daddy of Nixon — born February 4. Wright’s lawyer, Neal Hersh, went to court today asking for support and the judge granted it.But Knowles will take a DNA test March 1 … and the long-term support issues hinge on the outcome.It’s interesting — Knowles has not flat out denied he’s the daddy. And in fact, he gave Alexsandra $10,000 in January to cover uninsured medical costs and baby stuff. The Judge ordered Knowles to pay Wright $20,750 for the month of January.”


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