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September 28, 2010

.Segway owner dies after falling off river cliff.

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All police found at the bottom of a cliff was a man’s body in a frigid river and a Segway, the two-wheeled electric device that was supposed to revolutionize personal transport.

It was Jimi Heselden, a one-time laid-off coal miner turned self-made millionaire who had bought the Segway company only 10 months earlier. He apparently fell to his death while riding one of the sleek black-and-silver scooters. Authorities said Monday his body was found in the River Wharfe at the base of a 30-foot cliff.

Details remained sketchy — police say only that the death was not suspicious, meaning foul play is not suspected — but the incident seems certain to raise fresh questions about the safety of the Segway, which is banned on British motorways and in some U.S. cities because of safety concerns.

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September 24, 2010

halle’s dresses never dissapoint.

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halle berry wearing a roberto cavalii dress, stella mccartney purse and swarovski crystal bracelets at the swarovski event in new york city on september 20th.

prison guard and struggling single mom, jackpot winner.

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Rikers Island prison guard and single mother (of two teenagers), Garina Fearon, is 54 million dollars richer.

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September 10, 2010

new axe commercial: “men, clean your balls.”

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dear axe,

you are wrong for this commercial. kids aren’t stupid.

.kfc double down sandwich.

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i have despised this sandwich since its debut.  i keep seeing commercials about it, so i had to dedicate an entry to it.

two boneless white meat chicken filets (original recipe or grilled), two pieces of bacon, two slices of monterey jack and pepper jack cheese and colonel’s sauce: a heart attack waiting to happen.

people with high blood pressure, stay away from this joker. there are almost 1500 grams of sodium per sandwich!

new music: willow smith — “whip my hair”

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i’ve been hearing about willow smith’s new track, “whip my hair” all week and decided to check it out to hear what the hype was about.  i figured since she was only nine years old, she wouldn’t be making any billboard top 100 hits, so i hadn’t taken the time out to listen it. after reading that jay-z signed her, i said, hold up. “whip my hair” must be the business.

i just checked that thing out just now. this song definitely gets the “yes ma’am” stamp of approval.

September 2, 2010

.anti-obama billboard in missouri.

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a billboard buyer in ozark, mo is receiving death threats after he brought an anti-obama sign to the city. 

according to online reports, steve critchfield insists the billboard was for “something more American in the name of discourse, conversation, and old-fashioned debate.” instead, he is being accused of hate speech and rascism.

“I’ve certainly voted for people I’m embarrassed to say I’ve voted for,” he said. “We’re not naïve enough to think that we wouldn’t get someone to be upset. I’m just surprised how upset people are.”

really steve? are you really surprised? i don’t think you are. i’m just saying…

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