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October 24, 2010

what ever happened to…. the kids from willy wonka and the chocolate factory

today, as i am watching willy wonka and the chocolate factory (the 1971 version) and tweeting, one of my followers ask, “what are the kids in this movie doing now?”  those who know me well know i love research, so i set out to answer his question.

julie dawn cole: veruca salt.


julie dawn cole was 12 when she was cast in the unforgettable role of veruca salt.  her salary for playing veruca was £600 (which is about $967.00 in american money). of the five main child actors in the film, cole is the only one to have continued performing, accumulating numerous, primarily television, credits in soaps and mini-series. other credits include a 1982 episode of tales of the unexpected.
in august 2010 cole co-starred in an edinburgh fringe show entitled willy wonka revisted: the veruca salt sessions where she plays a semi-fictional version of herself discussing veruca, life and obsessive fans with an unseen therapist while her co-star plays an australian fan discussing his obsession with veruca with his unseen therapist.

she has two children.

denise nickerson:  violet beauregarde.



after starring in willy wonka and the chocolate factory,  denise nickerson joined the cast of  the electric company as “allison”, a member of the short circus music group from 1972-1973. producers saw the potential in nickerson and often had her singing lead on several songs, including “the sweet sweet sway.” she also guest starred as pamela, a girlfriend of peter brady on one of the final the brady bunch episodes, “two petes in a pod”.

nickerson starred in the 1975 satiric, beauty-pageant inspired motion picture “smile”, as miss san diego’s shirley tolstoy. in 1976 she appeared in the film zero to sixty and tv movie child of glass. nickerson turned 21 in 1978, and opted to quit acting at that time.   she is currently an accountant at an engineering plant and resides in denver, colorado.   she has one child.

paris themmen: mike teevee


paris themmen was 11 years old when he starred as mike teevee in willy wonka and the chocolate factory. as an adult, themmen has dabbled in various careers, including commercial casting, film production, disney imagineering, retail, real estate, and finance.

media appearances include “virtuoso”, a 2000, sixth season episode of the tv series star trek: voyager, and as a contestant billed as a “former child star” in two 2008 episodes of the american game show duel.

michael bollner: augustus gloop

interviewed on hbo, along with the other stars of willy wonka & the chocolate factory, bollner said he enjoyed acting in the film, even though he could not speak english beforehand and had to have his lines coached by a crewmember.

in the feautrette “pure imagination, the making of willy wonka and the chocolate factory” böllner mentioned that he has done a couple more films in germany after willy wonka & the chocolate factory, but quit soon because his father said he should finish school. he is now a tax accountant in munich.

peter ostrum: charlie bucket

Ostrum is currently a veternarian and reside in new york with his wife loretta and two children.

source: wikipedia


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