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December 30, 2010

the “so in style” line of african american barbies dolls.

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darren, trichelle, kara, grace and chandra are mattel’s creation to represent the younger “sistas and brothas.” their clothing is designed by jay-z’s rocawear line and the dolls have wider nostrils and fuller lips than the regular barbies.

there is also a second set of the SIS dolls that come in the form of toddlers, as pictured above with the line’s creator, stacey mcbride irby.

you can purchase the dolls here.


where are charli baltimore and vita??

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remember when the record label murder inc. was the business?  my whole world would stop when this video came on!

{side note: who knew that “kima” from the music group total was vita’s sister?}

people who died performing.

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i ran across a blog called listverse and one of the topics was 12 people who died performing. immediately i thought about the 1990 death of college basketball player, hank gathers. he played for loyola marymount university and died of a heart attack right on the court.

clip of the march 4th, 1990 game against portland below.

haven’t heard kandi koated yet? you’re missing out!

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although i have been watching real housewivws of atlanta faithfully, i totally forgot kandi burress’ album was released two weeks ago. since itunes now does one minute and thirty second snippets, i checked out all ten tracks yesterday.

i love it! good job kandi!

9 year old performs ice skating routine to willow smith’s “whip my hair.”

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starr andrews, 9, whipped her hair on the ice skating rink.

December 19, 2010

.the 2010 kardashian christmas card.

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how fabulous is this? i love it!


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