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September 7, 2011

Courtesy Flush: The Poop Spray

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Just squeeze a few drops of this in the toilet BEFORE you poop to prevent embarrasing odors. There is enough liquid for hundreds of uses.

Want some? Click here.


June 10, 2010

.huggies limited edition denim diaper commercial.

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huggies, i’m not mad at you. you know exactly what you’re doing. it’s summer, it’s hot and there are many parents that like taking their babies out in nothing but a diaper. probably even more now, just because of the commercial! get your hustle on.

June 9, 2010

.Rims: Rent to Own!.

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this post is dedicated to my friend, colleen, who recently learned of the rim/tire rental establishment “rent -n- roll” …and is still in shock.

rent-n-roll is a program that allows you to pay for the wheels/tires in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments with no credit hassles. the first location was opened in tampa, fl in october 2000. currently there are over 60 stores nationwide. the customer needs to bring in a valid drivers license, current pay stubs, utility bill, vehicle registration and your social security card to get started.

there are different purchase options: you  can pay cash outright (without renting), the 90 day program, the 120 day program or make weekly/biweekly payments as listed:

  • wheel only rentals are based on 52, 65, 78 or 104 weekly payments.
  • tire only rentals are based on 26, 39, 52, or 78 weekly payments.

ownership is obtained after the determined number of weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payments are made or early payout option exercised.

ask me what happens when you miss a payments….

they locate your vehicle, remove the tires and sit it on bricks.  no, forreal.  i’m serious. i asked the man myself at the little rock, ar location.

some of you will notice that i filed this entry under “no ma’am” and “why didn’t i think of that?”  if you have to make payments on some rims, then you don’t need them. but, you know errbody and their mama is frequenting this place because they want rims that they can’t afford to pay for outright.  i’m not mad at you rent -n- roll. get your hustle on.

Rent -N- Roll has locations in the following states: (the website is below the chart).




February 9, 2010

.new product from lysol.

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i saw the commercial for this today. we always  worry about not touching public door handles, water faucets, toilet flushing knobs and the buttons to turn the hand dryers on, but we forgot about the soap dispensers! leave it to lysol to think of this and invent the no touch hand soap dispenser. why didn’t i think of that?!

January 20, 2010

.roll a lotion.

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i had another “why didn’t i think of that?” moment today in bed, bath and beyond. pictured below is the Roll-a-Lotion. you insert lotion (or bath gels, massage oils, etc.) in the applicator and proceed rolling on those hard to reach areas. $9.99 in stores; $7.95 on asseenontvguys.com.

January 19, 2010

.the dreamie.

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i’ve only seen the commercial for this one time, but i was instantly in love!  “the dreamie” is a bottom sheet, top sheet and pillow pocket all-in-one. um, snuggie who?

.the ready brush.

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i’m in line at drug emporium today and i see this. it’s a prepasted toothbrush (the toothpaste is in the bristles).  you just add water to “activate” it. they’re $0.79 a pop. how cool is that?

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